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Hey you! I’m Corinne and I offer online therapy to individuals and couples. I’ll help you lean into vulnerability and get unstuck.

Let's write a Great Story!

Finding a therapist you vibe with is important. That’s why I offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to break the ice and see if we are a good fit. 

I want to make sure you have the space to process your story, make edits, and write one that feels authentic to who you are. Let's carve a path with healthy boundaries and one that gives you the opportunity to heal from past traumas and pivot in the right direction. 


I am so glad you are here. My name is Corinne and I am first and foremost the world’s worst speller. Secondly, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. I love the outdoors and frolicking in nature but I also adore a fancy dinner party with charcuterie and warm lighting. I’m a stickler for a calm ambience and the perfect playlist. Please, and thank you! 

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  • Morning Rituals
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  • Deep Connection

Things I Love

Heartbreak and grief can bring so much growth and I want to help others edit their stories and find their narrative. The last 13 years I have been an expert in anticipatory grief. Walking alongside adults and children who knew they were going to die from illness. The humbling journey  has allowed me to view life through a lens of living in the present and to practice mindfulness of the simple beauties of life. 

My Story
Primary Focus

Primary Focus


Couple on a Walk

Relationships are investments and sometimes we need check ins to maintain healthy interactions with our partners. Having a deeper understanding of how you share emotions, create future goals, and find connections during your daily lives is how I can help. I practice from a Gottman lens and believe that the little things matter in relationships.


Image by Caleb Fisher

One of my favorite lyrics from Patrick Droney is “see grief it’s just like glitter, it’s hard to brush away.” Have you ever tried to clean up glitter, it always finds it’s way into cracks around you. Grief can sometimes paralyze us into thinking we won’t ever be okay. Let me hold space that you can get through the loss of loved ones, relationship break ups, or a big life transitions.


Image by simas Mo

Hey right brain thinkers, I see you. You connect to the world in a different way and visualize life like a Tom Petty song. Is your medium music, art, design, or food? You want your creations to be perfect and to be understood by the people and world around you. Balancing your life might be a struggle. Just breathe, let’s find out what rituals help you feel grounded so you can use brain power for masterpieces.

Life is hard. 

At times I feel like I would love to go back to kindergarten where my stress of the day was trying to fall asleep for nap time. There are going to be curve balls thrown at you in your personal lives, relationships, and families. You don't get to choose the family you are raised in, and some of us luck out with amazing parentals and others are not so lucky. We create patterns of communication, attachment, and emotional vocabulary from our family systems. These patterns follow us into our adult relationships and we need some understanding and tweaking to form healthy bonds.

Get Started

Ready to Grow?

I currently offer telehealth sessions in my private practice to residents of Texas and Georgia. If you want to explore more parts of your story as an individual or need a tune up in your relationship, please reach out to see if I would be a good fit for your needs.


Fees will be discussed during the free 15-minute consultation. Payment is expected at the time of each full session. I accept cash, check, or credit card through my processing company.



​At this time, I only accept insurance though the company Headway. Alternatively, I can provide you with a Superbill at the end of each month that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. All insurance companies are different, I would encourage you to call them and see if they reimburse for out of network providers. 



Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Studies



Master of Science in Family and Consumer
Sciences in Family Child Development.



Master of Arts in Counseling

Contact Me

Contact Me

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.

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